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DISABILITY and WORKING Making the Systems Work For You - In a previous article, we discussed the JAN ? the Job Accommodation Network, and just how valuable a resource that link is to those of us who are disabled, yet still working.

Why Limited Liability Might Not Be As Limited As You Think - Limited liability is one of the most misunderstood parts of what companies are.

Before Declaring Your Disabled Child Incompetent Four Alternatives to Guardianship - Before parents decide whether their child with a disability needs some type of guardian, they should consider the alternatives to guardianship.

Would You Allow A Trial Judge To Sit As A Juror On Your Malpractice Case - As a plaintiff's attorney representing injured victims, the answer is no.

Criminal Records Search - A criminal record search is the process of collecting and accessing criminal records, arrest records, and background information on certain persons either through online providers or through local courthouses.

Malpractice Error Or Accident - In this article we're going to try to differentiate between an error and an accident when applied to malpractice.

Patent Practitioners Separating the Good From the Bad - If you choose to hire a patent practitioner, they will help you throughout the complex patent process.

What Does a Notary Public Do - What a notary public does is witness the signing of the documents and ask each party for a sworn oath of authenticity.

Government Regulatory Trends - The Business Regulatory Climate in the United States in 2005 changed from a referee type enforcement mission to an attitude that all business people were guilty of some sort of unethical behavior.

Initial Training Clauses in Franchising Agreements - Nearly all franchising companies require initial training to teach the new franchises how to run their franchised outlets.

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