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I Thought Our House Was Community Property Buyer Beware - In today's real estate mortgage market, one spouse often has better credit than the other spouse.

Michelle Tribbles Insurance Nightmare - Recently my client Michelle Tribble was featured on CNN's cable show Anderson Cooper 360.

Divorce Does Not Have To Destroy You Emotionally and Financially - A divorce lawyer makes an impassioned plea for couples considering divorce to take a serious look at how mediation can save money and their co-parenting relationship.

Common Insurance Company Arguments Part - This is the second in a three-part series on excuses used by insurance companies to avoid paying a fair and reasonable settlement.

Accident Claim Information Is Important For Every Driver - Accident claim helps to reduce the damages done in any accident.

Hiring An Accident Lawyer Takes Consideration - Whether it's a car accident, a slip and fall or some other form of catastrophe that led to the injury, a good accident lawyer will work for you, not just for money.

The Ways to Emigrate to Australia - Ever thought about emigrating to Australia? Ever wondered how to go about getting an Australian work permit? Well here are the various options about the different schemes to emigrate to Australia, without too much red tape or expense.

The Biggest Mistakes Made by New LLCs - This Article summarizes the 5 Biggest Mistakes made by new LLCs and LLC owners.

Online Solicitation of a Minor For Sexual Purposes The Legality Behind The Charge - Dallas criminal attorney John Teakell's white paper overview examining the crime of on-line solicitation of a minor for sexual purposes, which many people do not understand, know the ramifications of, or where to look to get information concerning the crime.

What To Expect At The Final Divorce Court Date - Article illustrates the typical procedures on the final divorce court date.

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