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Are Your Considering A Living Will

Some people have such strong views about what should happen to them in the event of a terrible accident or illness that leaves them unable to communicate their final wishes, that they should be thinking about creating a living will or durable power of attorney (or medical powers of attorney). It would be quite understandable if you do not want to think about a living will, because thinking of a living will would mean thinking about yourself in pretty poor circumstances. However, if you do feel strongly about what would happen to you should you be so badly hurt that you cannot communicate, then you should read on. A living will is a legal document that gives your instructions on how you would like to be treated in certain medical circumstances. For example, if you should have a serious accident and suffer irreparable brain damage, or if you are to be kept alive solely by the intervention of medical equipment, or by the administration of intravenous sustenance because you are unable to feed yourself.

It is essential that you discuss your end of life wishes with your family, as well as your doctor. Your family might find it very hard to carry out your wishes if they are just presented with them, soon after the shock of whatever condition you find yourself in. The double shock might just be too much for them. It is a simple matter to create a living will these days.

You can always employ the services of a legal professional of course, and that course of action is always open to you. The Internet has made such matters much easier though, and you should be able to download the forms, and fill them out yourself. It would be prudent to still run the completed documents by a legal professional though, because you might live in an are with particular legal requirements with respect to living wills, and with the best will in the world, online documentation will always be rather generic in nature and will not fill all circumstances. One word of warning though.

You should check whether the laws where you live acknowledge living wills or not. At the time of writing, it is understood that some States do not, so be prepared for that eventuality as well. If necessary, seek legal advice as to the laws where you live first, to save potential problems later on.

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