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bAnkle Injuries Least Claims Made For These Injuriesb

Ankle injury claims are one of the least made claims in the court of law even though ankle injuries are by far one of the most common injuries. Ankle injuries affect the normal functioning of a person in day to day activities in life. Every day activities like walking, climbing stairs and driving become extremely difficult to do. Ankle injuries can be caused while climbing uneven steps, getting tripped by someone or something, walking on jagged pavement, accidents at work, heavy objects falling on the foot, while playing sports, mountaineering and other adventure sports. Ankle injuries take a long time to heal and are most troublesome. There are a few types of ankle injuries.

They are as follows:- " Strains " Sprains " Fractures " Ligament damage " Ankle instability " Arthritis and chronic pain Fast medical attention and first aid should be given to the patients. There will be swelling and discolourisation in case of ankle injuries. They have to be treated with ice packs, compression and elevation. X -rays are taken in the hospital to assess if there are broken bones. Then in case of fractures plaster cast have to be administered by the doctors. What expenses can be claimed :- " Doctor / specialist fee " Loss of pay due to missed work " Damage to property " Loss of job " Stress, fatigue, depression " Hospital bills All mental and physical pain of the patient is required to be compensated by the insurance company or the offender.

May it be a slight sprain and few day of missed work or a fracture which could mean being an invalid for a few months or a severe injury where there is an inability to walk and ankle instability the victim is ethically right to claim compensation. Some may miss work and thereby lose earnings. A few people would have to move from their homes to another place due to their inability to walk.

Others may miss their normal way of life and miss their activities like playing tennis, cricket, golf and other sports. And people like mountain climbers, sports activist may lose their jobs and their way of life. It is the legal and civil right of a person to claim compensation for these injuries Compensation awarded for ankle injuries differ on the severity of the injury and time taken to recover. Claims awarded vary from 3000 to 40000.

The claims for small injuries like strains and sprains and where the recovery is good the claims are from 3000 to 12500. In case of moderate injuries like fractures, torn ligament and slight disability and where time taken to recuperate is a few months then claims of up to 25000 are granted. For severe and permanent injuries claims up to 36000 are given. In case of recoveries inside one year claims are less than 3000. Where amputation is required claims for 40000 is awarded. Ankle injuries claims are mostly on no win-no fee basis as most personal injury claims are.

Ankle injuries rarely claimed but if claimed you can win maximum compensation.

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