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Community Care is an area of law that focuses on the provision of services by either the local authority or the primary care trust. It is focused on those in need of help and support and those who provide care for those in need of help and support. Most people at some stage have contact with the services offered by local authorities or primary care trusts from caring for the elderly to needing a form of treatment for themselves. Community care lawyers can help you where you think that you are not being listened to by a local authority or local care trust and if you are not getting the help and support you need. The concept of community care came about through the closure of the large old psychiatric hospitals and from this there has been a recognition of the needs for people to have help and support in the community.

Most people know someone who has had an operation and may need help and support to return home or maybe needs help to prepare for a change in their physical or mental state to come home. Often it can feel like things are happening all too quickly and people want help, support and guidance as to their rights and the obligations upon those who are supposed to deliver services. This can cover a large range of services from challenging how a Primary Care Trust decides to administer treatment through to the provision of care services at home.

It includes rehabilitation, the selling of a property to pay for care and meeting the needs of those who may be sick vulnerable pregnant elderly or those who lack status in the country and have no viable means of support. Duncan Lewis & Co recognize that this is a complex and challenging area of law and that is why we have a dedicated team of community care lawyer who specialize in this type of work - where we challenge the actions of the larger organisations and government bodies to help the individual. We believe that every client is an individual and that as an individual you are entitled to legal advice that seeks to provide you with a clear understanding of your rights and the options available to you.

We believe that you have the right to challenge unfair decisions in order to get what you are properly entitled to. Duncan Lewis & Co seeks to assist every client no matter how diverse their needs. Our clients come from many different areas and have many different factors which complicate their lives.

We believe that no issue is too big or too small to be considered as to whether or not we are able to assist. If you think that you may need some help or support or that you are trying to seek help and support for someone you care for regardless of any factors please visit our website at http://www.duncanlewis.co.uk or contact the Community Care team via our freephone number ? 0800 740 8080 - and let us see if our highly specialised team of lawyers can help.

Sridhar is an experienced writer with expertise in Community care advice, Family Divorce Solicitation and other Legal Services in London.

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