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Court Reporting Services for All Major Texas Cities Acuscribe

ACUSRIBE COURT REPORTERS Acuscribe court reporters are a team of dedicated professionals offering litigation support services. Members of our team are experienced in complex litigation and provide leading edge solutions to law firms and lawyers to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. We have for several years been in the reporting industry in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio Texas.

We have the experience in dealing with large complex cases and generally avoid hanging the reporters through the case. We can also provide our clients with RealLegal Binder, an award-winning transcript and exhibit management software that is particularly useful and indispensable in large, complex cases. The keyword is automatically used to instantly create full-text searches across all depositions in a case. It takes only seconds to find all of the words or phrases for multiple depositions compared to the hours that would be required to do it by hand and still risking missing an instance of the word or phrase. Binder helps you take searching to the next level with its Boolean and proximity operators that allows one to do even more complex searches in seconds.

If you want to personally experience the usefulness of binder you can contact us and we will provide you with a demonstration of the uses of the binder. Acusribe also provides its clients with realtime, the instant translation of shorthand into English via the court reporters notebook computer to the realtime software on your computer. You can thus have the draft transcript immediately available for reference. It also allows you to Review, annotate, Quick Mark, and Auto Mark transcript text as it scrolls by on your computer screen during a deposition, arbitration, or trial. It also allows you to scroll back to the beginning of the day to check what was said or to another day's transcript instantly.

These are just some of the few advantages of using realtime software. The E-Transcript also helps in saving a lot of your time as it provides you with an interactive keyword index that allows you to spend less time digesting and summarizing transcripts. To open the E-Transcript you will require an E-Transcript Viewer, which you can download for free. You can even convert most electronic file formats of your transcripts to an E-Transcript. Electronic transcripts such as Page-image ASCIIs, AMICUS-formatted ASCIIs can be used. Through the computer aided transcription which translates the stenotype notes into English our reporters produce a transcript of the proceedings.

The text is then reviewed for untranslated words, spelling missed punctuation and is corrected. This process is commonly called as scoping. The text is then printed and the reporter proofreads the transcript and performs other verification procedures.

It generally takes about 2-3 hours to finalize each hour of deposition. This finalized transcript is then sent to the production house for copying scanning and attaching exhibits binding, special formatting, creating Publisher Bundle CDs, and other services as requested. We can also offer the final transcript in various electronic file formats via e-mail or diskette/CD.

Eustathios Edel is the author of this article on transcripts Court Reporting. Find more information about Austin Court Reporter here.

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