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DMV Records Play Critical Role in Hiring Decisions

DMV records, driving, motor vehicle records or MVRs provide detailed information about a person's traffic violations, DUIs, license suspensions. Unfortunately, most states no longer allow online access DMV records, so this must be done by US mail from the state, usually for a small fee. This is due to increased security concerns over the growing problem of identify theft.

There is a national database, The National Driver Register or NDR, nhtsa.dot.gov, but this is limited to severe traffic violations such as DUI. It's like a criminal database for bad driver's, so if you're not listed there, that's good. If you have not had a driver's license cancelled, denied, suspended or revoked nor convicted of a serious traffic violation, then you will not appear in the NDR database. You have to look to the States for detailed DMV records information.

The best place to start searching for DMV records is by doing a Google search Ie: "Florida driving records," "Florida DMV records" and make sure you choose the official State's DMV records site. There are many private services who specialize in pulling up DMV records for you online, but they usually charge rather steep fees, so dealing directly with the state is far more practical and much less expensive. Free online DMV records are limited to verifying a driver's license number.The States employ a points system to keep record of a driver's traffic violations, accidents, DUIs, even unpaid parking tickets, with each violation assigned a specific number of negative points. If enough points are accumulated, the state may eventually suspend or revoke the license.

In most states, bad points are removed after 5 years with the exception of serious criminal offenses such as drunk driving. An insurance company always has the right to check somebody's DMV records who is applying for auto insurance. In many foreign countries such as Germany, points are not counted against your license for speeding tickets, provided the fine is paid within the deadline.

In some states such as Florida, you can lose your license for driving off without paying for gas.What happens if I get a moving violation in a different state?.Getting a speeding ticket in another state will affect your DMV records in your home state, with the exception of 2 states Michigan and Wisconsin. These are the only 2 states who do not participate in a non-resident violator compact agreement. In any of the other 48 states, a traffic violation will show up on your DMV records as though you got the ticket in your home state.

Employers do check DMV records.There is a popular misconception that DMV records are only of interest to auto insurance companies or employers considering somebody for a driving job. This is no longer true. Many employers are routinely including DMV records checks in employee background checks. Serious violations, particularly involving DUI, are of great interest to employers. Employers believe that DMV records reveal much about a person's character.

This is a measure by employers to help prevent negligent hiring lawsuits, and hire quality employees. Trucking companies who hire driver's to transport hazardous materials won't even consider somebody who doesn't have a spotless driving record. Like your credit report, it is now recommended by the insurance industry, you occasionally check your own driving record.How serious is drunk driving?.

It's deadly serious. In most states, a DUI conviction is a 1st Degree Misdemeanor, so the offender will end up with a criminal record. This can definitely be a problem regarding employment, even for jobs that have nothing to do with driving. Increasing numbers of employers consider driving records an important judge of character. One common misconception amongst many people is a DUI will only stay on somebody's DMV records for 5 years like any other traffic violation such as speeding, however unlike a typical traffic violation a DUI is a criminal offense so it doesn't go away, and remains on the person's driving record indefinitely, in some cases for life.

In most states it is permissible to have a DUI arrest or conviction record sealed or expunged. This normally requires the services of an attorney. When a driving record of a DUI is sealed, it still exists on paper, but it is marked off limits to everybody, except law enforcement. In most states, like any other criminal conviction, criminal record expongment or sealing is limited to one per person, so you only get one shot. In some states such as Florida, a repeat offender's license can be revoked for life upon 3 DUI convictions, and may also prohibit the use of motor scooters and mopeds. A DUI conviction can have disastrous long term consequences for anyone convicted of one.

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By: Fred Appleyard Jr

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