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dont hire a personal injury attorney until you ask questions

1. How long have you been in practice? While many young attorneys have the potential to become accomplished trial lawyers, you do not want your case handled by a novice. 2. Do you maintain a malpractice liability policy? Attorneys, like doctors, should have a policy of professional liability insurance, as accidents and mistakes, unfortunately, do occur.

3. Do you routinely take cases like mine to trial or settlement, and if so how many? This answer will demonstrate your prospective attorney's experience and familiarity with cases like yours. 4.

How much time do you devote to cases like mine, that is, what percentage of your law practice focuses on this area of law? The attorney you retain should devote at least 75% of their practice to area to your case's subject matter. 5. Will you be working on my case alone or do you routinely have junior attorneys assist on matters like mine? Junior associate attorneys often perform work on many matters for more senior, accomplished attorneys. You should, however, ask to meet these attorneys in order to evaluate them. The subject matter of your case and the laws governing it might seem foreign and unintelligible but you should not ignore your own personal judgment when it comes to sizing up a prospective attorney and his employees.

6. How quickly do you typically return client phone calls? Some attorneys are notorious for failing to return client phone calls. In fact, this complaint usually tops the list of all client complaints about their lawyers. Your attorney should have a policy whereby he returns client calls within 24 hours, absent unusual circumstances. Be sure to have your attorney put this requirement in your retainer agreement, to ensure compliance. 7.

How will you explain to me all of the court procedures, legal concepts, fee arrangements, billing practices, retainer agreements, and payments of costs? The answer to this question will demonstrate the time and "bed-side" manner of your attorney. These questions are often time consuming even though very important. Your attorney should explain to you, in detail, all of the above subject matter areas thoroughly. By expressing your willingness to be involved in the case you will set the tone that you want to be involved in your case and are willing to learn. 8. Do you have a strategy that you employ for cases similar to mine? Your prospective attorney's answer will demonstrate his organizational skills and whether or not he is familiar with the subject matter implicated in your case.

9. How long before we reach trial or settlement in my case? An attorney who promises settlement or recovery almost immediately should be avoided. Yet your attorney should be able to provide a reasoned estimate of the time required to reach the conclusion of your case. 10. Do I have a case, what do you think my chances are for receiving a successful judgment or settlement? This question should be asked with the understanding that your attorney might inform you that you have no real chance of recovery.

Sometimes people are hurt, injured, or suffer injustice and there is no legal remedy. A good attorney will provide you with his strategy for your case which explains your role, the steps he will take, and the likelihood that you will be successful at trial or settlement. To contact a personal injury attorney now please visit http://www.personalinjuryresourcecenter.com the attorneys listed here are ready and willing to answer your questions and provide expert advice now.

Hiring a lawyer can be a daunting task, before employing the incorrect candidate visit us to find competent personal injury lawyers who have the resources, skills, and desire to take your case today. Powered by the Internet Marketing Boutique

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