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What happens at an initial consultation?

Every attorney has her own style, but most will, at some point in the consultation (preferably sooner rather than later) listen to your rendition of the problems in the marriage and possibly take notes. After hearing your problems and concerns, the attorney might give you a brief overview of the law of your state, explain the different options available to you, what she can hope to accomplish for you. Be wary of any attorney who guarantees results.

The attorney should also describe her professional background and explain her fee structure. If she plans to have another attorney working on your case, the lawyer should bring that other attorney into the meeting at some point.

An initial consultation has sometimes been compared to a blind date, but the comparison is not far off base. Did you leave the office feeling confident about the attorney? Did she keep you waiting? Did she take calls during the meeting? Was the office shabby? Lack of attention now, when a lawyer is presumably trying to obtain your business, does not bode well for the future.

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