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Medical Malpractice NYC What Injuries Really Cost

What if you or a family member suffers an injury by the negligence of a doctor leaving you paralyzed or having other irreparable injuries caused by medical malpractice? The costs of these life-altering injuries are staggering. Now let's say that the injuries that you have experienced could have been prevented. How would it be decided how much money you would get for not being able to lead a full life.

Also, how much would you need to simply survive? Medical malpractice NYC cases like this happen all the time and deserve more attention. The economic loss is something that we could actually calculate using the amount of money he was earning in the last few years before the malpractice occurred. An economist could actually project the amount of money you would have received, assuming that you continued in the job you were in and moved up the ladder over time, over the course of your working lifetime. The occurrence of a medical malpractice NYC case could potentially call for a very high settlement due to the income level and cost of living which could be staggering and clearly defined. Also, we can look into to the additional benefits you received, including health insurance, dental, bonuses, vacations and gifts. Again, recognize that these benefits could be calculated and these losses could be predicted over the course of a lifetime.

Medical malpractice NYC cases are the most fought-over and litigated matters in the court system. Now we will focus on the "non-economic loss" to your family. What is his pain and suffering worth- from the time of the malpractice until the time of trial? What has your family endured while watching a once vibrant and successful person turn into a reclusive hermit, physically incapable of doing the simple day to day everything things? What does it mean when your family must now become your nurse 24 hours a day? Every little activity needs assistance. For example, when the phone rings and you cannot race to the phone to see who is calling, you needs help.

When the doorbell rings, and it takes you 15 minutes to get to the front door, you needs help. Going to the bathroom is an unpleasant and uncomfortable task. What is the value of these tragic moments in your life? Going back to the economic loss, do you know how much rehabilitation costs? You may need rehabilitation 5 days a week, need to learn to walk again, need oxygen in your room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. How much does continuous oxygen cost? You may need bandages, needles to check his sugar level and insulin injections every day for the remainder of your life.

You may not be able to work anymore. How would you support your spouse and child? How will you pay your mounting medical bills if you have no health insurance? How do we, as a society, put a price on the value of your injuries? Critics of our justice system heavily comment on "tort reform" claiming that frivolous lawsuits are responsible for doctors leaving medicine, high medical malpractice premiums, and an assortment of other perceived ills created by "trial lawyers." Yet we rarely hear how the truly injured victims experience shocking, excessive and appalling economic losses.

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