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Medical Malpractice Philadelphia is here to save you from the wrongs

Approximately 80,000 people are dying in the United States a year due to medical malpractice. Since only two percent of all incidents of medical malpractice are taken to court, medical malpractice isn't getting the type of recognition it deserves. This epidemic of medical malpractice is staying relatively below the radar because it is not going public. Only half of the claims taken to court win, which does not give people much hope. People trust their doctors, they do not trust lawyers.

This is a shame because it is the lawyers who are trying to fight against the medical giants to give back people their lives that were debilitated from erroneous practices in hospitals. Now don't get me wrong, not all doctors are bad and not all lawyers are good, however in our degrading economy people are trying to get an upper hand and they are doing it every way imaginable. The American public has not seen enough cases of fraudulent doctors and medical practitioners causing fatalities, well not in front of close doors that is. I guess doctors took their medical oath, right? Philadelphia, otherwise known as the city of brotherly love, is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the sixth most populous city in the United States. Philadelphia has many neighborhoods, each with its own identity formed based on ethnicity, religion, culture, and commercial reasons. Since Philadelphia's culture is so diversified, there is going to be conflict when different sectors meet.

Due to the high population, slumping economy, and high gas prices, people are cutting corners all over town. Medical Malpractice in Philadelphia is of concern due to all of these factors. How long would it take for you to realize you need to find a better form of transportation? And yet, patients are being admitted to hospitals and treated in doctor's offices with out ever considering their odds of coming out alive. It staggers the imagination. Medical malpractice Philadelphia is such an epidemic that if it were some new kind of new flu virus, the center for disease control in Atlanta would be screaming to the high heavens. But still, the American public is being led into precarious medical situations like sheep being led to slaughter.

Numerous studies have discovered that autopsy studies revealed rates between 35 and 40% of missed diagnoses by medical personnel. The majority of the cases resulted in the patient's death. Unfortunately medical malpractice injuries and deaths are not brought out in the open because the incidents happen one at a time. Since medical intervention is a private manner, there is no reason for any of this to go public. Unless, for example, these types of injuries turned fatal, in which I am sure the public would take notice. Another thing that is astounding is that these figures are based on statistics that the hospitals are willing to tell us.

Who knows what they are keeping hidden in which I would assume that the numbers could be far greater. None of the stats include medical malpractice that happened in private clinics, doctor's offices, dental facilities, or other non hospital amenities. The strange part of all of this is that medical malpractice claims that are filed represent a very small percentage of the victims of medical malpractice in Philadelphia.

Medical malpractice Philadelphia lawsuits are very intricate and involve a lot of confusing, tedious information. Working with a medical malpractice Philadelphia lawyer will help you make the right and educated decision on whether or not it is worth it for you to move forward. Medical Malpractice in Philadelphia can prove to be costly, timely, and draining.

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