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Medtronic Sprint Fidelis Recall

Medtronic Recall Lawyers Sprint Fidelis was recalled by Medtronic Inc., in Oct 2007 as the leads that they manufactured were found to have multiple fractures. The defective leads can cause false alarms, inappropriate shocks or total operational failure. Almost 268,000 implantations have been made worldwide by October 2007 and out of these 167,000 implants were made in the US.

All the patients who have been implanted with the lead have to live with the risk as removal of the lead can be riskier. Alternative solution is to implant another lead without removing the existing lead but to cap the existing lead with a plastic insulation. If you are one of the victims of Medtronic's Spring Fidelis, then you do have a strong case that you can fight against. The company is accountable for the lives of those thousands and the difficulties they and their families had to undergo. The company must give financial compensation to the patients who suffered because of the defective product or to their families if they have lost their loved ones because of the implant. If you should be in doubt whether you have been implanted with this fatal lead, first contact your physician to take necessary medical precautions and then approach a good attorney who can represent your case.

This product has not only caused you discomfort but it also has put your life to serious risk. Besides that it has also caused mental agony and anxiety. All these give you a strong case that you can win.

However, you cannot do it by yourself. You need to find a capable lawyer who has experience in handling medical lawsuits. When you search for an attorney to represent you, look for someone who has already handled similar cases against big names in the medical industry.

You may not have to worry about the fee for hiring a lawyer; they work on the basis of commission on the total claim value and they will demand this only after winning your case. So you do not have to pay them any fee in advance. They will take care of all the expenses until the case is over. However, the commission can be considerably high especially when you get a handsome compensation. To ensure that there is no confusion at the end you must have all the terms and conditions in writing. You must file a lawsuit only when you have a lawsuit otherwise you may be putting yourself through unnecessary stress.

If you approach a professional medical claim attorney, he or she will be able to advise you whether you should engage in a lawsuit after analyzing your records. However, you must be careful with those lawyers who try to talk you into a lawsuit so that they can make some money out of your plight. You must hire only those lawyers who are ready to work with you on commission basis. Furthermore your attorney should be someone with personal integrity so that he or she cannot be bought by your opponent.

Steve Fields is author of this article on Medtronic Recall. Find more information about Medtronic Recall here.

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