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State Criminal Records

State criminal records include abbreviated conviction and arrest information from most county and state government agencies. County criminal records are not always reported at the state level. Some state courts make their records available on the Internet, but some states exclude the sensitive personal information online in their criminal records. State courts have to ensure a balance between privacy and accountability while providing criminal data online.While some state courts offer comprehensive access of their records free of charge, some state courts charge a prescribed fee for online accessibility. The accessibility of the court records online to the public users allows them to monitor the fairness and the equality of operations in the judicial system.

The criminal records that are provided by state courts online are in different forms ranging from state services to single jurisdictions. Moreover, if the state courts provide the cost-free, uniform, consistent, and user-friendly information via Internet, it will be useful to the public. They should consider these facts while granting electronic access of their records. So providing online accessibility of criminal records is a great challenge to the state courts.Statewide searches of criminal records require 3 to 5 days in most states.

Strictly speaking, a county level criminal record check is a better option when compared to a state check from a practical perspective because receiving information from a state court takes much more time to have a complete history of felonies and misdemeanors. Indeed all the state criminal indexes receive their date from the counties only. If any error is there in a county criminal record, then obviously state records may not be genuine and complete. Therefore the best option is searching both statewide and countywide indexes.

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By: Jennifer Bailey

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