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Steven Johnson Syndrome Symptoms

Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is a potentially fatal syndrome caused by a severe allergic reaction to some drugs.

Stevens Johnson Syndrome can be caused by these types of drugs:

? painkillers
? rheumatoid arthritis
? antibiotics
? drugs for bi-polar disorder
? non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)
? barbiturates
? anticonvulsants
? sulfa antibiotics
? penicillins

Stevens Johnson Syndrome can be caused by these medications

? Bextra
? Arava
? Remicade
? Ibuprofen
? Daypro
? children's Motrin
? Advil
? Topamax
? Lamectal
? Allopurinol
? Phenytoin
? Carbamazepine
? valdecoxib

If you have been taking one of these drugs and are experiencing symptoms of SJS, you should talk to a doctor immediately. Symptoms of Stevens Johnson Syndrome Include:

? persistent, serious rash
? persistent fever
? conjunctivitis
? flu-like symptoms
? inflammation of the mucosal membranes (mouth, throat, eyes, genital tract, intestinal tract)
? ulcers inside the mouth
? inflammation of the tongue, gums and lips
? inflammation of the throat
? skin lesions
? blisters and bleeding of the lips, eyes, mouth, nasal passage, and genital areas
? skin sloughing off in sheets (like a chemical burn from the inside out)
? lesions in the lungs
? permanent blindness
? dry-eye syndrome
? photophobia
? lung damage
? chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
? asthma
? permanent loss of nail beds
? scarring of the esophagus
? arthritis
? chronic fatigue syndrome

These are dangerous because they lead to:

? severe pain
? increased chance of infection since protective skin dies and sloughs off
? inability to eat or drink
? sloughing of lung tissue creates breathing problems
? and these can lead to death in many cases

If you find that you have Stevens Johnson Syndrome the in addition to seeking medical attention you may be able to pursue a lawsuit against the drug manufacturing company. You can pursue this suit if your SJS is not caused by a bacterial infection and if you can trace your SJS to the use of a particular drug. The benefits of a class action suit are:

? increased chance of success
? strength in numbers
? less expensive to file (cost is spread amongst the group)
? however, the settlement will be split between more people which means less money for the individual

The benefits of a individual suit are:

? larger settlement figure if you win
? strong cases are likely to win without the assistance of other claimants
? however, the entire cost of filing suit is on the individual and there is a greater chance of failure

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By: Margaret Wommack

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