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Once fully trained in matters of the law and legal system, a person is called a lawyer; also known by the names, attorney or advocate, their role varies depending on the situation. Lawyers can perform many roles which can include representing a client in a court of law (advocate) for either criminal or civil matters; not all want or will appear in court whilst others dedicate their whole lives to courtroom appearances. When advising on the issues relating to the law they become legal advisors; this is usually when client requires guidance and possible courses of action.

One who primarily practices law in a courtroom is a trial lawyer; owing to the fast thinking that is required by those who practice this area of law, it is not for everyone.Much of a trial lawyer's work is actually performed outside the courtroom environment; they investigate evidence and interview people involved in the case. The legal system affects nearly every aspect of our society; whether you are buying a house or making an insurance claim, but because lawyers are in a position of authority they must abide by very strict rules to govern their conduct. Depending on what area of specialization they work in will decide whether they practice in a courtroom; although they are all able to represent their clients in this manner when required. Lawyers can specialize in a number of different areas of society; some of the areas of specialization could be: Probate,Aviation Law,International law,Marine Law and Construction Law. The number of specialist areas of law is also the reason why only a few ever practice in a courtroom! Environmental law for instance employs experts who will represent private, government and individuals; an example of this group could be construction firms, utility companies, and large corporations.

These help clients prepare and file for licenses and applications for approval before certain activities may occur; they also represent clients' interests in administrative adjudications. Attorneys are also involved with laws protecting intellectual property rights, an area much in the news of late; property like digital media, CD's, computer games and software for instance, are particularly at risk since the advent of the Internet. Major insurance companies usually employ lawyers in their legal department; insurance terms and conditions often change to protect the company from fraudulent claims but they can also be useful performing insurance investigations. Much of law might be considered mundane as the majority of attorneys carry out their work in private practice involved with minor criminal and civil law. criminal lawyers try cases or defend the accused party; whereas civil law affects areas like wills, trusts and mortgages for example. Where there are high profile cases that may affect the public, or be in their interest, other legal specialists operate; these might concern large companies for example where their image might be at risk.

Lawyers who are endowed with a little more social conscience are the ones who work for charities and legal aid schemes; this type of work is more about helping those are not able to have legal representation any other way.

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Legal Matters

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