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The True Cost of a DUI

Driving while under the influence, also known as DUI, is not worth it because not only are you incapable of driving safely, but you are also very likely to receive a ticket. While you might think receiving a DUI simply requires you to pay a fee and try to get out of the ticket a DUI is really more expensive than you might have ever imagined.Receiving a DUI might cost you thousands of dollars, but it may also cost you emotionally, physically, and others will pay as well.

So, before you drink and drive you should really consider all of the many costs you might face as well as the effects your actions will have on the lives of others.First of all, a DUI does cost a lot of money if all that happens is you are pulled over and receive a ticket for driving while under the influence. Your car might be impounded, you will be taken to jail, and you will receive a ticket, as well as other fees and fines that might apply to your specific situation.

This will cost you a pretty penny.Then, there are the emotional costs of a DUI. You will likely feel ashamed and embarrassed, and that is if you just get a ticket. In addition, you might wreck your vehicle or the vehicle of another individual, causing more emotional pain and suffering.

Then, if you or others are injured you can count on significant emotional suffering.Physical costs are likely with driving under the influence because accidents happen more often than not. You might injure or even kill yourself, not to mention others. Imagine how you will feel if you cause yourself to be paralyzed or kill another individual? These are some hefty costs of drinking and driving.

Then, there are the costs to other people. Your family will feel embarrassed and ashamed if you receive a DUI citation, not to mention if you are killed or kill someone else because you chose to drink and drive. Then there is the family and friends of other individuals that you might injure while drinking and driving.

They will feel angry and hurt as well.Obviously, there are a lot of costs associated with drinking and driving; most of them will change your life and the lives of others forever. So, if you want to drink make sure you call a cab or at least have a designated driver to ensure you get home safe and sound.

Avoid all of the costs of a DUI and don't drink and drive.

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By: Craig Rowe

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