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Those who have suffered devastating kidney problems due to the use of the drug Trasylol, manufactured by Bayer, take notice. The devious practices by Bayer Pharmaceuticals have caused over 20,000 deaths and severe medical problems. Trasylol, a drug used to control bleeding used in surgery, has been shown to increase the risk of heart attacks by 42 percent, increase heart failure by 106 percent, & increase the danger of stroke by 151 percent.

Families have recently found out about this drug only because of the 60 minute video, therefore we are trying to shed light on the subject. If you have been administered Trasylol and are experiencing kidney side effects, contact a doctor immediately. Trasylol was taken off the market in November of 2007, in which the FDA requested Bayer Pharmaceuticals to suspend the sales of its anti-bleeding drug Trasylol, among a large amount evidence that the drug may be linked to causing a higher risk of death than of other drugs similar to Trasylol on the Markey. Where this whole situation gets shady is that Bayer knew long before the recall that Trasylol had potential negative complications. Bayer Pharmaceuticals had "erroneously" failed to give the FDA results of its own clinical study. That study linked Trasylol to an increased risk of strokes, congestive heart disease and kidney failure.

Even though Bayer representatives appeared at an FDA meeting to discuss possible risks associated with Trasylol, those representatives did not mention the clinical trial or its result. The clincher is that even though all of this was going on, Trasylol was still being sold on the market. Trasylol was a very popular drug used in surgeries despite its high cost and negative side effects. The reasoning for this is that patients had no idea that the drug was used on them during surgery, therefore not knowing what was causing their complications.

For example, do you have any idea what kind of drug you were administered in your last surgery? Were you even given a choice? Most likely your answer is no. If you or a family member was administered Trasylol and experienced serious kidney issues, heart attacks, or strokes you should contact a Trasylol lawyer as soon as possible. A Trasylol lawyer will be able to help you figure out how Trasylol has affected your health and help you to take your case to the next level. Trasylol lawyers are seeing a trend in litigation with the number of lawsuits rising everyday.

Trasylol lawyers has the experience needed to deal with large pharmaceutical companies, insurances giants, and large medical organizations. The Trasylol drug recall was very over due, and because of this many fatalities and suffering have been caused. Patients who suffered adverse reactions to Trasylol, as well as those who have had a loved one die after being given the drug, are now in the process of filing lawsuits against Bayer, alleging the company was not honest about the risks associated with the drug. Our Trasylol lawyers can help you understand your rights and legal options and provide aggressive representation for Trasylol victims and their families.

When you choose us to handle your Trasylol lawsuit, our entire team becomes fully committed to your case.

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