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Why Is Police Kit So Important

Police gear is so important to daily police life. Without police equipment, our streets would be a an increasingly dangerous place. The police gear that can be found in many shops can be of an extremely high quality and includes police apparel including trousers, shirts, base layers, outer layers and boots as well as belt equipment such as pouches, holders and belts.

There are further articles of kit such as police torches, ASP batons, police torches and hand cuffs and keys. To discuss police gear and not mention belt equipment is almost a crime if you will excuse the pun! This gear includes duty belts, notebook pouches, torch holders and pen holders. Some premier brands include ASP and Price Western Leather (PWL) who include in their manufacturing scabbards (baton holders). Other belt equipment includes key holders, cuff pouches and holders, carabiners, radio pouches and cell phone pouches.

This is just a small sample of the belt gear that officers use daily. Other gear that you will find in police shops include handcuff keys and cuffs as well as ASP baton accessories. As for batons, they can only be supplied in the UK to police or government agencies as they are prohibited weapons ASP batons range from 16 inches to 26 inches in length and ASP are renowned for producing batons that are almost indestructible. They are used by the world's elite police teams and are a first choice many advanced police agencies. A very common bit of police kit are police torches.

There is a range of torches on the market to suit many budgets. Torches are crucial for police personnel, not just for lighting dim places, also for momentarily disorientating criminals by temporarily affecting their night adapted vision. ASP provide a high quality, new generation of torch which deliver an amazingly bright beam and a strong build in a compact design. Other torches worthy of mention are Surefire torches which are extremely popular and have a greater output than a D Cell.

They offer tailcap controls, which is perfect for firearms use. Other manufacturers include Gerber, Inova and of course, Maglite. There is also police kit such as cuff and batonholders, including ASP baton scabbards, plasticuff restraints, twin duty cases, Blackhawk baton pouches, PWL (Price Western Leather) baton holders (3 position swivel), PWL speedcuff loops (3 position swivel), PWL side handle baton sleeves and PWL Speedcuff pouches. Other police equipment that is available includes police leather products including utility belts, torch loops, leather notebook covers, torch sleeves, trifold fixed penalty folders, warrant card wallets, warrant card wallets with badge flaps and Viper slash resistant gloves. This is just a small insight into the world of police gear.

Aran Lackey manages www.patrolstore.com who provide a wide range of security, military and police gear. To contact him please email patrolstore@googlemail.com

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