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Why You Should Always Seek Medical Care When You Are Injured in a Virginia Automobile Accident

The insurance companies have many powerful advocates teaching them how to deny and minimize personal injury claims arising from car accidents; however, the average person involved in such an accident does not. This inequity drove me to write this article to help people injured in Virginia accidents better understand their rights and increase their chances of successfully pursuing claims for those injuries. It is my hope that this information will help "level the paying field" and stop insurance companies from taking advantage of so many good people. So let's get into to some useful and practical information: By going to see a qualified medical professional, you are doing what is likely the safest and most prudent thing to properly care for yourself. While you may think that the pain is going to go away, the only way to be as sure as possible is to get checked out. Hospitals, doctors and nurses know what to ask, examine and test following motor vehicle accidents.

The best that can happen is that everything will test normally and you go home with a lot less to worry about. Alternatively, if you have sustained a serious injury, then you will be in the right place to have it treated. You are probably thinking that anyone who gets hurt in a Virginia automobile accident would surely seek medical care, right? WRONG. Many folks who are injured in car accidents refuse care from the emergency medical experts who come to the scene or fail to go to the hospital or see their doctor to get proper care for those injuries. These types of refusals of care can seriously damage a person's claim for personal injury. Unfortuantely, the average person does not understand the long term impact of refusing care, but the insurance companies love it because it helps them deny claims (and keep their money!).

However, these same insurance companies hate it when people ask for treatment at the scene of the accident or to go to the hospital or their doctor in the first day or so following the accident. Why? It is very simple. It seriously harms their ability to argue that you were not hurt. If you had turned down help from the EMTs who came to the site or if you did not visit the emergency room or go to see your own doctor, then they are in a much stronger position to deny your claim. Your explanation that you thought you would get better or that you did not know how badly you were hurt because of the adrenaline surge following the accident will be a tough sell to jurors who will think that you are just "out for money." Always remember, there is nothing fair about the personal injury system and the insurance professionals opposing you know and use every trick in the book to keep you from recovering compensation for the problems their insured caused.

James Parrish is a former insurance defense lawyer who now represents injured persons against the insurance industry. He uses the "Inside Information" he learned while defending insurance companies for his clients and has recovered millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for them. http://theparrishlawfirm.com http://accidents.theparrishlawfirm.com http://personalinjury.theparrishlawfirm.com/virginia-personal-injury-case-results

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