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There are several important legal factor groups to consider when getting into running a home business. Like it or not, beyond our control, one of them is the legal field. Did you know that there are also quite a few legalities you will need to keep in mind? It is true, you will not be able to simply open up your doors and hang out a sign.

As a matter of fact, depending on the business you are running in your home, there are different legal rules and regulations you need to follow. You need to search for a cheap, sympathetic to you, attorney in the beginning. You can hold off until you have your first legal question or when your business starts to take off. When steady business orders start coming in you need to do a short interview with an attorney. This will prepare you for someone who will try to take cheap legal shots at you.

From experience, I can almost guarantee you this will happen. The better you get in life, at anything, the more others will come after you. Sad but true. You want to drop $30 or $40 and go over your business with him and ask if he or she feels they can handle legal problems that will come up. Almost all of them will say yes.

The important thing to do here is to establish a relationship, light though it may be, when a legal problem comes up and any good attorney will steer you in the right direction to solve it. Frequently, I have found, that it only takes a brief phone call to your now business attorney. If you say you want an attorney for potential problems in the future, at the beginning, some of them will let you off with no fee because they will hope to get steady and future business from your business legal needs. For example, if you are planning on opening a home day care business, you will need to have a license to operate.

This will mean that a city inspector will come in and take a look at your residence to make sure it meets the safety codes and rules that your city and state has set forth for home day care centers. Also, you will need to permit occasional visits from the overseeing government agency to ensure you are still up to code. Do not be angry over this. They are just doing their job. If you are living in a covenant controlled community, you will need to dig up the bylaws of your homeowner association and take a look about what it says with respect to home based businesses. Anything, that looks critical, that you do not understand should be reviewed with an attorney.

Some associations do not permit businesses to be run out of homes within their vicinity, while others only limit the kinds of business you may engage in or the hours of operation. Some of the associations will be more aggressive than others. If you are not under the auspices of a homeowner association, you still need to check in with the zoning commission to make sure that your proposed home business will not violate any zoning laws in your area. The same is true for signs. While you will need some signs that advertise the location of your business, you need to find out what the neighborhood and city limitations are. This may pertain to size, color, and also placement of any sign.

Many neighbors do not like this. Another area to observe carefully, if needed, is insurance issues. For example, if a customer were to enter your home business location and fell in the course of doing business with you, your homeowner insurance will probably not cover any of the injuries she or he sustains.

An opposing attorney can be dangerous to you, in this instance. You will need to contact your insurance company to find out if you need a special waiver, rider, or a different policy altogether. If the cost is too much, just meet people at a local fast food restaurant where the customers there are Always well behaved. Noisy, undisciplined areas are a very bad idea. Okay? Most people are alright with meeting in public areas and feel safer anyway. While these legalities may appear to be a wrench in your home business, do keep in mind that they are designed to protect you, your customers, and everyone else doing a similar kind of business.

Adhering to certain standards and obtaining licenses and permits will actually give you a leg up on your competition. You can show how your business is superior to anyone else. How? By simply displaying your licenses and permits. It shows you are sincere in making your business a good one that customers will find to satisfy their needs effectively. Matter of fact, you could say that being careful to follow the legalities of running a business in your home makes for a great marketing tool! Per the paragraph above, it shows you care to do a good, all around job.

James M. Lowe writes original articles about home business opportunities.

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