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For Credit Card Fraudsters Only - This article discusses credit card fraud legal issues, including criminal liability for credit card fraud offenses.

Are Your Considering A Living Will - Some people have such strong views about what should happen to them in the event of a terrible accident or illness that leaves them unable to communicate their final wishes, that they should be thinking about creating a living will or durable power of attorney (or medical powers of attorney).

Gap Insurance What Is It When Do I Need It How Do I Get It - This article will save you money in an automobile accident.

Independent Medical Examination IME What Is It - Independent medical examination (IME) is a fancy term for being examined by a doctor when you are involved in some kind of claim or lawsuit where your physical or mental condition or an injury is in dispute.

Ohio Supreme Court ruling eliminates jury discretion - Article discussing a recent Ohio Supreme Court ruling and jury decisions.

What is a Deposition - To remove the mystery about a deposition: it is a question and answer session which takes place under oath, with a stenographic reporter present to take down all that is said.

Financial Intimacy Affects Your Marriage - The law supports a wife's right to know about her marital finances.

Types of Class Action Lawsuits - A class-action lawsuit occurs when more than one individual, and potentially a large group of individuals, have been harmed either through discrimination, employee discrimination, personal injury or harm, medical devices or because of consumer products, to name a few.

Getting a Conveyancing Quote - Getting a Conveyancing Quote When contemplating the range of things that you need to complete in purchasing and selling property you will find that there are many things that you will be able to do yourself.

A Conflict of Interest What is it - Attorneys are supposed to represent their clients competently and diligently and to the utmost of their abilities.

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